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The DRSTRUT Metal Framing solutions was the product of a single-minded search for a better, faster, more economical way to build structural supports. That spirit of innovation continues to fuel Unistrut research and development programs, that have resulted in literally hundreds of new fittings, channel designs and accessories.

Our research and development process starts with the customer. First, we listen. Then we get to work on ideas to meet the customer’s needs. That approach has kept us a step ahead in product development ever since we introduced the in 2000. DRSTRUT research and development engineers also have extensive experience in product “design-for-application” projects. New products, materials, coatings and systems-development expertise are available through Unistrut’s manufacturing facilities. Customers who have utilized Unistrut’s research and development capabilities include members of the nuclear-power, automotive, aerospace, environmental-protection industries and engineering profession.

If you have a special need or a unique application, turn to DRSTRUT for engineering and design assistance. Helping you is the cornerstone of our R&D effort.