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Welcome to DRSTRUT!

DRSTRUT has achieved significant growth since its initial establishment, while expanding its product range greatly. The company has kept pace with the dynamic market place, particularly in fields such as power generation, petri-chemical products, process engineering, and also involved in both industrial and commercial construction sectors.


Maintaining original product development is the fundamental principle of DRSTRUT. As a result, a comprehensive range of DRSTRUT system has been developed. The company utilizes sophisticated manufacturing techniques to ensure the products are of highest quality, but at competitive prices. DRSTRUT Service Centre compliments the system by offering complete drawing and design, together with installation service.


All For Greeen idea!

DRSTRUT is now leading the footstep of construction industry towards environmental protection. The more we do, the more we love the earth.

The idea approach to protecting our earth: Firstly to make more effort on saving resources, secondly to reuse the existing material and lastly to avoid pollution when applying DRSTRUT system compare with traditional drilling and welding method.



DRSTRUT 多士創® 自成立以來不斷擴展業務同時亦大大增加期產品系列,並已取得顯著增長。本公司與改變的市場同步並進,特別著重於發電,石油化工產品,代加工的領域,並參與各大型工業商業的建造工程。


著重產品研發是DRSTRUT多士創®多基本原則。 因此一系列用途全面的多士創®系統被成功研發。本公司利用高端生產技術,以保證產品多高質量及價格多競爭力。同時,多士創服務中心更為其工程項目提供完整多繪圖,設計及安裝服務。


DRSTRUT 多士創®的槽剛及托架均符合BS6946: 1988的規定